Slow the Spread
Download the new SlowCovidNC app on your phone or visit NC's Covid19 website for more info. This app is one more tool to help slow the spread of COVID-19 and keep you healthy!   DCCC Student Resource Guide is available to guide you through your journey at DCCC!  For the latest information on our Storm Forward plan for Fall semester, visit the DCCC Coronavirus Response web page.

Bookstore Information
The DCCC Bookstore is currently closed to the public and book buyback is temporarily suspended. Orders for Fall books will be accepted online only. Please check your DCCC email account for additional details. Updates will be posted as available. 

Testing your Technology 
Davidson County Community College will use Blackboard Collaborate, Google Meet and Zoom to deliver courses remotely in Spring 2021.  Use the following links to test your computer and browsers with the different conference software.

If your computer camera or microphone do not work, you may want to join the audio using your phone and follow along on your computer.  Zoom meetings have a toll free number to call as well.  For computer related issues such as a camera or microphone that does not work, users should reach out to the computer manufacturer for assistance.

Testing Audio
Testing Audio - Blackboard Collaborate
Testing Audio - Zoom
Testing Audio - Google Meet

Joining a Meeting
Joining a Meeting - Blackboard Collaborate
Joining a Meeting - Zoom
Joining a Meeting - Google Meet


Missing Emails

by Dori Lloyd -

Please be aware a setting was found that blocked some emails from course announcements from being delivered.  Those messages have been found and are being released.  You may see older messages as a result.

Passport Events

by Dori Lloyd -

Passport events offer cultural enrichment to DCCC students through enlightening presentations that focus on the customs and perspectives of other countries and their citizens. These events are a great way to learn more about other cultures, work toward becoming a Scholar of Global Distinction or earn extra credit in some classes. Visit the Passport Events page to find a calendar of events and details about joining these virtual sessions.

External Messages

by Dori Lloyd -

External Messages

Users will notice that emails that do not come from an email address now have [EXTERNAL] added to the subject line.  This will allow users to more easily identify email messages that are from someone outside Davidson County Community College.  This is especially helpful if an email that appears to be from the college (spoofed) but is not, is sent to you.